Gender Illumination offers mentorship for members of the Trans, non-binary, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming community. Mentorship is either peer-to-peer or intergenerational. Mentorship meetings or phone/video calls depending on location happen twice a month and are at minimum one hour long. Mentors and mentees can choose to meet for a longer time period or have more than two meetings a month but the program requires at minimum two one-hour long meetings per month. Every three months the mentor and mentee will have a check in call with the mentorship program coordinator. The mentorship coordinator is also there for support or questions throughout the year.

There will be Gender Illumination Mentorship Program video conference and one in-person conference each year for all mentors and mentees to meet each other. After filling out this form, the mentorship coordinator will reach out to you for an interview to establish if you are a fit for this mentorship program.

This is a free program other then the cost for the in person conference, and if you are unable to afford the in person conference there will be scholarships and no one turned away for lack of funds. You will have to pay for any travel costs associated with travel to the conference location which is still to be determined.