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Queer Magic Haven

  • Passover in the Desert Panamint Valley near Death Valley, SE California USA (map)

Date: April 25-29  
Location: Panamint Valley, near Death Valley, SE California - Passover in the Desert

Our queer, trans, non-binary, non-conforming, LGBTQIA, fringe beautiful ancestors weaved magic for generations - created powerful well held containers of love and light and gave us the gifts we carry on today and this space is part of that long queerstory. The space will be well decorated, fun to be in, and filled with offerings such as workshops, support groups, theater, poetry, story telling, chill time, get to know each other time, flirt time, connect time, explore our lives in the open time, dig deep into our roots time, some time that is just for those in our queer community and some time where everyone is invited to join us. This is our space to create how we want. This is our space to be seen and safe. This is our space to find each other. To be our FULL queer selves. This space is body positive, trans positive, non-binary positive, sex positive, creative positive, POC positive, family welcoming, queer youth inclusive, queer elder inclusive, medium age inclusive, all inclusive, welcoming of all backgrounds and abilities, anti-oppression, anti-racist, deeply rooted in liberation, and committed to being your home base. Sounds like a lot of things - well... Queer means so many things to so many people and we plan to welcome and celebrate all of it and learn from each other and create family in this wonderful desert together.

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Earlier Event: July 9